How To Build A Profitable Home Business

Would You Rather Be Working From Home?

So many people would love to make money from home but have absolutely no idea how to start.

Are you one of those people?

Working from home saves on transport costs, can make you feel more fulfilled and independent and can give you more time to spend with the people you love, doing the things you love.

Have you ever felt capable of so much more, but no idea how to go about it?

Or do you want to do something more worthwhile and meaningful?

Maybe you hate your job and would like to replace it with something more flexible.

Maybe you’re happy with your job but want to make a little extra income on the side.

Perhaps it’s more about personal fulfilment than money, or you want to feel more self-reliant.

I decided to write this blog post to help those out there who are ready to start their new side project, but just need a bit of advice!


How can I start working from home?

How I Began Working From Home

Here’s my own journey into becoming self-employed:

I left school, having studied a subject I absolutely love (art) but one that wasn’t a great option for employment. To make matters worse, the year I graduated was the year the recession began here in the UK.

I had two choices- to be completely unemployed and scrape by with whatever the government gave me or to manage to get an entry level, minimum-wage job in retail and catering, working below all those who had started straight after they left school. I’m too ambitious to be unemployed, so I kept applying for these jobs. I was up against people who had more experience than me, who really wanted a career in these industries, and no one wanted to employ a graduate for such unskilled jobs as they thought I’d leave straight away. I kept being told I was ‘overqualified’ but there were no jobs going in the areas I actually wanted.

In order to give myself some sort of a future I started to explore ways I could work from home. I had absolutely no capital, no storage space and no idea what on earth I was doing. But slowly I started to learn. The more mistakes I made, the more I could see myself getting better, slowly. Soon I started to figure out what I actually wanted to do. I started to get customers. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world.

You too can look this smug on a Monday morning.

You too can look this smug on a Monday morning.

Tips For Working From Home

Here are some of the things I learnt that I believe will be crucial to your success:

  • Do something you actually like.

You’ll need to be extremely motivated and consistent in order to make this dream work. You’re going to fail a lot of times and get really discouraged before things begin to look up. The only way you’ll be able to carry yourself through this is if you really, really love what you are doing.

  • Don’t worry too much if you don’t have the skills. You might be able to get them.

For the vast majority of businesses you can run from home, you can learn the skills you need for free. Can you teach yourself through studying online or through books? Think about what you need to do in order to be the version of yourself who will succeed at this. Do you need to get used to speaking in public? To learn how to generate leads? To be able to make your own clothes? To write amazing advertising copy? All you need is focus and consistency to learn pretty much whatever you want.

  • Give value.

The more value you give to society, the more you will end up earning. Think of ways to help other people and do it from your heart. This will not just end up earning you money but will make you feel more fulfilled in life. Consider your personality, your talents, your experience, what you are drawn towards. How can you turn that into something so valuable that people will happily pay for it and consider it money well spent?

Look how happy you're making everyone with your new home business.

They love your new home business! Look at those smiles!

Home Business Ideas

Now onto some practical ideas for businesses you can run from home. Do you have any to add? Let me know in the comments below!

  • Offer a service

Can you get paid for helping others with jobs they can’t do? Perhaps you can design things for them, plan events, source materials, build their website or draw portraits. You can even get paid for walking their dogs and customising their furniture. Have a think about what you can offer.

  • Create and sell products

This doesn’t just mean handmade accessories, although there’s a big market out there for those alone. If you’re a writer, you can create and sell articles or books. If you’re an artist you can create and sell oil paintings of landscapes. You can create and sell phone applications, shoes, knitted baby clothes, organic hand cream or instructional exercise videos. What could you create?

  • Market other people’s products as an affiliate

This is a massive topic and well worth researching in depth. You can sell other people’s internet programmes, e-books, courses and a million other things and get paid commission on those you do sell. It’s extremely competitive to be an internet marketer but there’s a lot of help out there, and if you really want to go for it, you can make it big.

  • Teach

Do you know a language? How to play a musical instrument? Are you a bit of a geek on how to lose weight healthily, or like to spend your spare time learning about the solar system? You don’t always need to have qualifications in your chosen area. Pick a topic you’re really passionate about and decide to never stop learning yourself. Get yourself visible online and offer Skype tutoring sessions, e-books, whatever suits you. It’s definitely an option worth exploring for some, and there’ll be people out there who would gladly pay for your knowledge.

  • Look into Network Marketing

This is an option that often crops up for people wanting to work from home. In Network Marketing, you sell someone else’s products, much like an affiliate, but you can also get paid for recruiting and training a team under you. This means that Network Marketing can pay you a lot of money if you do it well and can be a great, supportive and positive community to work in. However, it’s a difficult industry, and if you are unlucky enough to find yourself in a company where you’re trying to sell overpriced products no one actually buys and attempting to convince others to do the same, you’ll end up discouraged and upset.

It’s a great option for those who choose the right company and product for them, however. Keep an open mind, take your time and do your research. What do you already buy, and at what price? What are you interested in? If you can find a Network Marketing or MLM company that sell products you genuinely love, what do you think of the company themselves and the support they offer?

One of the best things I ever did is give Network Marketing another try, and I actually found my ‘dream’ company existed, selling products I was already buying, at prices I was already spending on them, with a message I believed in (hence this blog existing)! Alongside selling these eco-friendly products I also create and sell my artwork. I’ve always wanted to help the environment and be an artist, and now I can do both! Remember, you don’t have to focus on just one thing if you don’t want to.

Right. I'm ready to start planning!

Right. I’m ready to start planning!

So, that’s the easy part over with- deciding what it is you actually want to do. The hard part begins now! You’re going to have to learn as much about marketing and selling as you possibly can to get your business off the ground. But you can do it, if you really want it to work.

Do you work from home? Do you have any advice to give to others who would love to make the change? Let me know in the comments below.

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Namie at I Shop Eco


“I Help Those Who Want To Be More Eco-Friendly But Don’t Know Where to Start. Consumer Power is an Easy Way To Make a Difference!”

PS: Would YOU like to earn money by helping the environment? This might suit you.

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Why We Decided to Join Wikaniko

Why We Decided To Join Wikaniko

First of all, what on Earth is Wikaniko?

Based in the UK, Wikaniko is a Network Marketing company supplying a wide range of high quality, amazing value eco-friendly products. Their products are sold through individual distributors (like me)! You can sign up to be one of their distributors and sell their products from home, at stalls, to local business, to people you know, online- however best suits you and your personality. It operates a little like a mini franchise, so you are in control of when, where and how much you want to work.

As a distributor, I belong to an online community where we all share advice and support. I wanted to know what led us all to this amazing opportunity! You can read the answers below…


My question was:

“How did you all discover Wikaniko, and what made you want to join?”

The answers:

  • “I was with another network marketing company years back which folded. I loved the company, my sponsor etc., and wanted to join a similar business. Tried something else but found it very pushy and target-driven which was too much to fit around my conventional business interests. So I did loads of research and stumbled across Wikaniko about three years ago now & the rest is history….”
  • “I was visiting my parents when a brochure was put through the door, so being nosey I had a look and the black bag prices jumped out at me as being very reasonable for eco-friendly, went home and looked it up online and contacted Madeleine with oddles of questions and when I realised it was Network Marketing so I could find some customers and cover my own spend and also build a Team myself (had been with a couple of other companies previously and loved the concept but the products just weren’t my cup of tea) I got very excited and joined! My husband followed 6 months later once I showed him I could find customers!”
  • “Talked to Trevor (the owner), on the ‘phone. He told me about something he was starting, and thought I might be interested. I was!”


  • “I was looking for a job, lots of MLM stuff kept coming up – I thought it was all spam! In Germany direct selling isn’t that big so I’d never really looked into it much, and certainly wasn’t looking for it! I only read the Wikaniko ad (after seeing it several times) because of the eco-friendly ethos, which I’m very much into. Did some thorough investigation, spoke to my sponsor – and after about 6 months(!) finally joined!”
  • “I had always been interested in Network Marketing but none of the companies seemed to sit right with me. They were all selling dreams instead of actual products, and the products themselves were often overpriced and not in demand by anyone but the distributors themselves. When I found out about Wikaniko I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was already buying these products at these prices (or higher) and I loved the fact I could concentrate on retailing rather than recruiting if I wanted. It’s just a feel-good company, and how an MLM should be!”
  • “I found it myself on the internet. I was thinking about starting my own business or doing some kind of work from home. I wanted to try something different. However I also wanted something that was more than just about making money. Wikaniko fitted the bill for me (while none of the others really did) and I’ve been here ever since! I love it. I was a total newbie to MLM though so took a while to get my head round it all!”
  • “Well I actually started first with Forever Living, as I was reading feedback about the Forever company someone mentioned Wikaniko and all about it and I liked it more!”


  • “I read about Wikaniko about two years ago and had thought about it ever since. I kept coming back to it every six months or so, and then eventually sent some messages out to a few ‘Wikaniko people’ (found on Facebook mostly) and asked some questions. Was some time later again before I signed up. The idea of making an income from network marketing interested me- Wikaniko is the only company with ethics that sit comfortably with me.”
  • “I first heard of Wikaniko on an online forum, someone had said she was doing it and it sounded interesting, so I sent her a message asking for details and never heard back. About a year later I got some info through the door about Forever Living, and it reminded me about MLM but I preferred what I had heard about Wikaniko, so I decided to look into it again. I was trying to find some details and mentioned it to my daughter. She said someone at her work was doing it, so she put me in touch with her and I signed up!”
  • “A friend of mine started doing a different ‘health and wellness’ MLM. As I had been thinking about needing to earn some extra £s I was considering it as at first it seemed really good. I dithered for a couple of months, and did lots of research and realised they were not quite what they seemed to be at first so decided it wasn’t for me. However, I’d read about Wikaniko on a forum (and remembered I had seen a local stall selling the products) and thought that sounded a much better fit as I was already buying some of the products. Plus it sold things that people might actually buy! Very pleased with my decision! The other MLM I looked at was very obviously American in terms of the terminology and catalogue pics. I am much keener to support UK companies. I also love the co-operative nature of Wikaniko and the fact that its not just based on recruitment, which some of the others seem to be!”


  • “A lot of Network Marketing companies are based in the USA. I don’t want to decry them but Wikaniko is British and I think British people should be supporting British business. I also don’t like it when more store is put on profit rather than doing something which is focused on people. Wikaniko isn’t just a Network Marketing or MLM company; its also a cooperative. Combing the 2 is not only unique but shows the people-focused and true ethical values of the business.”
  • “I heard about Wikaniko a couple of years ago at a WiRE meeting but was generally turned off MLM by virtue of the other companies’ attitudes. Was just so false! I was just starting up my web business and really didn’t have the time for anything else. Then recently I had a lot of MLM companies clamouring for my attention and I saw that as a general method it is good, but they all were selling ridiculous products at ridiculous prices. My business is now at a stage where I can leave a lot of the running to my husband, I’m needed for back office stuff and sales, but I needed something that was for me (websites are his thing really). I remembered Trisha and got in touch to ask more about the opportunity. I could relate to Wikaniko. Also, my husband reviewed them all and with his logical analytical ways, he could not find fault with Wikaniko, whereas he wouldn’t touch any of the others with a barge pole! So I signed up last month, and so far, so good! So very new to this but very excited and getting some slow-build interest so doing more each month and can see this growing to something big.”
  • “I was browsing through Mumsnet. Wasnt even looking for anything. Came across a thread about work from home. Read it and kept seeing Wikaniko. So I decided to contact Debbie and the rest is history!”

Are you with Wikaniko or any other Network Marketing company? Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

If you’d like to be part of Wikaniko, you can email me at Let me know why you are interested in joining and what you hope to gain from it and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Namie at I Shop Eco


“I Help Those Who Want To Be More Eco-Friendly But Don’t Know Where to Start. Consumer Power is an Easy Way To Make a Difference!”

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